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Home Gym Reviews | DLX-III

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Bayou Fitness Total Trainer DLX Review | DLX-III


To reach your optimum health and fitness level, strength training is a definite must. Strength training is exercising with resistance. The Total Trainer utilizes your body weight for resistance, eliminating the need for heavy weights. You can adjust the percentage of your body weight lifted by moving the incline up or down. This gives you safe and effective results. If you want to lose fat and slow down the aging process, you must strength train to add muscle, burn calories, and to look and feel young again. In short, you need Total Trainer. This top-notch home gym has a commanding presence. Attention was given to details such as chrome plating the rails and many attachments. You will notice the fine workmanship on the cushion accented with an embroidered logo. This attention to detail sets the Chrome Total-Trainer DLX-III apart from all other home gyms. …. read more


  • Comes fully assembled
  • Folds and rolls for storage
  • Oversized castors for easy transport
  • 11 levels of resistance
  • Three- and four-point pulley system
  • Dual side glide board pulleys
  • Ball bearing rollers
  • Deluxe, two-inch double-stitched box cushion
  • Extra-large squat board
  • Chrome-plated rails and attachments


  • Measures 20 by 48 by 94 inches (W x H x D) open
  • Measures 20 by 50 by 14 inches (W x H x D) folded
  • Glide board measures 14 by 46 inches (W x D)
  • Lift from 4% to 69% of your body weight
  • Six-foot, seven-inch maximum user height
  • 400-pound user capacity
  • 102-pound weight


Bayou Fitness Total Trainer DLX Review

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If you’re in the market for a home gym then you have many options. The first thing you have to ask yourself is, “What are your fitness goals?” Most people fall in the category of wanting to stay fit and active, but not wanting to pay a gym membership. Memberships, gas, and time add up quick. Having a home gym in your home is a great way to stay physically fit and save money. Bayou Fitness Total Trainer DLX-III is an incredible choice if this is your goal.

The DLX-III has everything one might want in a home gym.

The DLX-III has everything one might want in a home gym. Quality is always a big issue. Everyone wants their investments to last as long as possible and the good news here is the DLX-III is of the highest of quality. Initial setup is quick, only taking about 15 minutes. The DLX-III folds and unfolds quick and easy for supreme storage.  The warranty is good, with a limited 1-year warranty included. That is pretty much standard, but what I will say about Bayou Fitness is they will replace broken parts no questions asked and have probably the best customer support around in the exercise equipment biz. It’s a great feeling to drop money on a product knowing that if anything goes wrong it will be taken care of without any hassle.

When it comes to exercise options the Bayou Fitness DLX-III scores high as well. You will have 11 levels of resistance and plenty of attachment and accessory options. You can do over a hundred different workouts on the gym. By adjusting the incline you can increase your results giving you unlimited options all the way from beginner users up to advanced. Using the DLX-III 3-4 times a week will 100% tone and cut your body, but like with all exercise, you just have to do it!

Should you buy the Bayou Fitness DLX-III? The short answer is yes, the long answer is kind of like this. The DLX-III is more expensive than some other similar home gym models, but with the quality and extra features the price is well worth it. Still, some of you may be looking for something a little cheaper. A good alternative is the Bayou Fitness 4000-XL or the Weider Ultimate Body Works. The DLX-III is better than both of them, but if you are looking to not spend as much and still get a great workout then they are great options. If you are ready to get one of the best home gyms on the market and cost is not an issue, then look no further than the DLX-III.

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If you have a gym membership and are paying a lot per month. Try a Home Gym. They will save you a load of money and pay for themselves in a few months. Most home gyms offer the same benefits a pay-per-month gym membership will give you.

Pros for Bayou Fitness Total Trainer DLX-III

  • Parts are all built well and function flawlessly.
  • Setting it up is simple and it comes almost completely assembled.
  • Comes with leg shackles and curl bar.
  • Folds up easily for fast and simple storage.
  • Cost much less and you get all the bells and whistles of many competitors.
  • Bayou Fitness has incredible customer service.
  • Many different levels of resistance and over a hundred workouts.

Cons for Bayou Fitness Total Trainer DLX-III

  • The abdominal strap is lacking.
  • If you are over 6′ 5″ then some of the exercises may be uncomfortable
  • Reports of pulley pins slipping out. Bayou Fitness replaced without a hassle.


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